The auditorium

The Vidor center also acts as a convention center in which it is possible to host conferences, company gatherings, lectures, workshops, forums, and various events.     
The main conference hall (auditorium) contain 139 seats, with an option to extend the space to seat up to 170 people. The auditorium is equipped with a podium, advanced audio and sound system, and a widescreen projector.

The lobby and cafe

Next to the auditorium, there is a spacious lobby and coffee shop. Outside the center, there is a big balcony available for visitors to sit and relax, drink a coffee, snack or eat a meal. The balcony is furnished with a pergola, lounge and dining area, making it suitable for any kind of hosting. The balcony and venue is wheelchair accessible. 


In addition to the auditorium, there is a classroom (seats up to 25 people) within the center that can be used for lectures and small workshops. The classroom is equipped with a lecture stand and LCD screen with laptop connection.

Some of our clients

Our current list of clients: Zeraim Gedera, Netafim, Ika fund, Central Arava regional council, ect.

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