Life in the Arava is not an obvious thing to comprehend. The thought of a flourishing agricultural community in the middle of the dry, arid, isolated desert raises many questions to the Arava visitor, primarily being, how has Arava become a thriving area despite the extreme conditions the desert presents?
The Vidor Center - A Window to Arava Agriculture offers its visitors a multi-sensory experiential tour highlighting the special character of the Arava. Visitors are introduced to a new world of advanced agriculture and the living plants and animals in the desert, as well as the region's water, climate and soil challenges.

The tour includes

 3D film screening
 Visit in an interactive museum
 Tour in greenhouses with the best of the region's crops

Tours run every hour on the hour

The center is open 7 days a week, from 9:00 until 16:00 (with the last tour at 15:00).

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Admission Fee

Adults : 29 NIS  
Seniors, students and children (4-12 years of age) : 23 NIS
We accept cash, credit and cheques. Big groups can also pay with vouchers.

The Vidor Center is wheelchair accessible

Store and Coffee Shop

At the center, there is a coffee shop and an operated store that sells unique Arava products, such as fruits and vegetables (varied depending on season), and art work from the bests artists in the area. The seating area for visitors is either in our spacious lobby or beautiful big balcony, making our center an ideal resting spot for those coming from near and far.

Information about Tourism in the Arava

At the Vidor Center, we can offer you a wealth of information about tourist options here in the Arava, with topics including: accommodation, attractions, food services, hiking trails in the area and more. Upon your visit, please feel free to inquire with any of our center's staff members and we'd be happy to assist you!

Central Arava Tourisim Map